A power package called Wattman

The Cologne-based film rental house Lightequip is offerering two powerful batteries for the self-governing power supply of smaller units.  With Wattman (6kW/ 10kWh) and Bobine (4kW/ 5kWh), the French manufacturer Pess Energy developed two power packages in an aluminum frame that DoPs and gaffers appreciate for their energy density and robustness.


With his experience in the automotive industry, Rémi Pillot, the founder of Pess Energy, has created the first French range of mobile and clean energy solutions. His aim is to provide filmproduction with the clean energy soluions that are robust, easily movable and rechargeable. After a first venture in the transformation of classic cars into electric cars and a tour of France in complete energy autonomy aboard his solar van, Rémi Pillot has put all his expertise into creating zero emission mobile energy solutions for the TV and film industry.


The security of these power banks, which use the latest generation of car batteries, was tested for resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature drops.  Pess Energy manufactures sustainable products, with 2000 cycles , easily repairable locally. The French company surrounds itself with partners to have a very reactive local maintenance and provides a loan device in case of important repairs. Pess Energy also plans to offer solar charging stations for these batteries.


Photo: © Lightequip/Pess Energy

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