Green actions in Italy

With his company Blue Film, Italian producer Alessandro Bonifazi developed its own protocol in order to produce films more environment-friendly. Inspired by Edison Green Movie, Blue Film suggests sustainable measures throughout all production phases of the film which are lowering the carbon footprint and are leading to economical savings. “Our production is committed to use natural resources responsibly, saving energy, eliminating waste and reducing consumption to a minimum through sustainable mobility, alternative energy and environmental sustainability”, says the Blue Film CEO. The measures include to connect to a grid instead of using generators, to rent LED lamps, electric or hybrid cars and to use local and seasonal products for catering.


Sue VulcanoBlue Film followed these green guidelines when they produced the documentary On Volcano that Gianfranco Pannone shot at the Mount Vesuvius. In this natural reserve, there was only one mini van allowed for the transport of  the equipment. Produced in cooperation with RAI Cinema, On Volcano premiered at the 2014 Locarno Film Festival . The film was nominated as best documentary for the  David di Donatello awards and distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà.



Further sustainable productions include the successful released web series Ta Spantu by Pierluca Di Pasquale which was produced as part of the Heroes 2020 Project. Launched by the Sardegna Film Commission, the program supported film and TV projects that are raising awareness for sustainable behaviour but are also produced in an environmental-friendly manner.


Thanks to this initiative, Blue Film also produced the award-winning short film Raver Eolica by Luciaìno Curreli which tells the story of a modern Don Quixote and his faithful squire. “Blue Film has made this film in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way”, concludes the producer. Thanks to its own protocol, the production was able to minimize its environmental impact.

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