At the 2017 Cineposium of the Association of Film Commissioners (AFCI) that will take place in Los Angeles from October 20 – 22, sustainability will be an issue. The three-day industry event will kick off with a Sustainability Session at Warner Bros. studio lot where the Best Practices of green film production will be explained: Learn how to big boys do it and how you can apply there methods to your production back home.


Warner Bros. already made a commitment to sustainability and green production practices twenty years ago. Meanwhile, the studio invested in renewable energy, green building projects, waste reduction energy efficiency programs, and green production practices. Various bulidings and stages that are located on the Warner Bros. back lot in Burbank, California, are LEED certified buildings. Inside, the buildings are equipped with various energy efficieny measures that include energy saving lighting, updated HVAC equipment and automated control systems such as timers, motion sensors and wireless thermostats.


Warner Bros. has been vigilantly implementing water conservation measures and taken many measures to conserve water used for plumbing and irrigation.  Initial steps included the installation of low-flow toilets and water efficient faucets equipped with motion sensors and aerators.  The studio has also been installing interior LED lighting  and utilizes this innovative technology for set lighting on soundstages. In 2014, Warner Bros. also installed energy-efficient LED lighting on some of its most iconic exterior fixtures around the lot.


Furthermore, the studio is decreasing its emissions by using a fleet vehicles equipped with fuel-efficient hybrid technologies, the latest emission reducing technologies such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and NOx reducing exhaust systems using hybrid vehicle. The company is also supporting sustainable efforts by its employees with charging stations for electric vehicles and ridesharing incentives. In 2015, the studio invited its Burbank staff to participate in the “Lights! Camera! Conserve!” campaign by installing 1,400 LED light bulbs on the lot’s Steven J. Ross Theater marquee.


The Best Practice motto Reuse, Reduce, Recycle is also reality at Warner Bros. Reusable water bottles and recycled paper are also part of the waste reduction strategy as the reuse of set walls in television shows. All these measures are considered when it comes to film and television production.


At the 2017 Cineposium,  Bill Draper, President of Physical Production, Warner Bros., and
Michael Walbrecht, Vice President of Public Affairs, Warner Bros. will be among the conference speakers.





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