Sustainable Production efforts in Vancouver

Sustainability will be an issue at the Vancouver International Film Festival that kicks off on October 28.  Under the title Leading Cities for Sustainable Production executives from various cities, studios, and film funds who are supporting the adoption of best practices for sustainable production will share their expertise and experience. The topics that will be discussed include what kind of sustainable production activity is pushing policy to adapt, what are the barriers that limit sustainable production, do we need rules to make green filmmaking mandatory and what does it take to embed sustainable practices in all productions. The participants will also speak about partnerships between productions and policy makers. The panel discussion will take place on October 3.



At the VIFF 2017 Sustainable Production Forum on October 4, representatives from various  regions will outline their sustainable production approaches. Ken Ebie, Executive Director of External Affairs, NYC Office of Media & Entertainment, will speak about the  NYC Film Green program that was launched in March 2017. The initiative is the first sustainability program for the film and television industry in the United States administered by a government agency.


Luca Ferrario, Project Manager, Trentino Film Fund and Commission, is going to present the T Green Film Rating System that was launched in Italy in 2016. The actions and activities of the French consortium Ecoprod will be outlined by Sophie Delorme, Vice-Director Social and Environmental Responsibility, France Télévisions. Another insight on sustainable production will be given by Amy Lemisch, Executive Director, California Film Commission.

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