The Show must go on – but green!

Natural cosmetics for the hair & make-up department, reusable materials for set design, as well as regionally-sourced food products for catering, are all part of the daily production routine on the set of the new quiz show Jede Antwort zählt. „We want to prove that entertainment television can also be produced sustainably,“ says Rolf Hellgardt, CEO of Riverside Entertainment.



By producing in the quiz show format, the production company is reaping the benefits of its green experiences on the Der Quiz-Champion show, which also used a minimal crew at Studio Berlin, where there are ideal conditions for green production. „Studio Berlin has already implemented sustainable measures in energy supply and lighting“, says the CFO Peter Schönrock. On the roof of Studio G in Adlershof, solar panels generate power which is then fed into the Berlin power grid. Heat is supplied by environmentally-friendly long-distance heat transmission, 90% of which is generated by low-emission power-heat coupling.


The show’s concept of studio lighting design embraces energy-efficient lighting, while set design relies on reusable elements and materials that are stored nearby. „We aspire to introduce a green mind-set to the world of entertainment shows, and we want to raise the consciousness of everyone involved — from the crew to the guests and then all the way up to the clients, the, broadcasters“, emphasizes Hellgardt.


At Jede Antwort zählt, Best Practices even involve studio guests, who are served with regionally-sourced water that comes, of course, in returnable glass bottles that can be refilled up to about fifty times — a life cycle of several years. In the catering department, porcelain is used instead of disposable tableware, which reduces waste to a minimum.


The hair & make-up department prepares studio guests with natural cosmetics that do not contain either synthetic preservatives or chemical ingredients. These natural products, oils, and fragrances have been certified as organically grown. Make-up artist Birgit Hackforth uses cosmetics created from sustainably-produced ingredients such as avocado oil, chamomile essence, and clary sage essential oil. For decorative looks, a range of highly pigmented, long-lasting natural cosmetic colors has been developed, which is based on textures that have been certified by a non-profit industry association. Thanks to the bio-degradability of its resources, environmentally-friendly and resource-saving production processes, and the careful use of recyclable packaging materials, ecological compatibility is being achieved.


„We’re covering the costs of these measures“, underscore the Riverside CEOs, who have seen expenses rise for the catering and hair & make-up departments. Now it’s high time to convince the broadcasters of the value of sustainability, so that green production measures can become a real line item in the budget. The show must go on — but green!


Photos: © Thomas Ernst/rbb, Hackforth/Riverside Entertainment

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