Five years of green cooperation

The Hamburg Media School (HMS) and the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) are going to continue their cooperation for five more years. Since 2013  all student film productions at HMS are already implementing the criterias of the Green Shooting Card.


Meanwhile the third course of HMS students is producing environment-friendly by following the recommendations that are suggested in the Best Practices of the Green Shooting Card. The FFHSH awards a green certificate if sustainable measures are taken in the departments set design, catering, production office and preproduction, transportation and mobility, lighting and technique as well as for the calculation of the carbon footprint.


After visiting a one-day practical workshop on green production, this year’s class of HMS students is preparing their graduation films. In order to support the sustainable measures, the Hamburg Media School has done various investments over the course of the years. For example, the upcoming filmmakers can avoid the use of disposable dishes by using cups, porcellain and drinking vessels that are provided by the school.


The goal of the green program is to sensitize students for issues such as environment and sustainability. The Green Shooting Card is also supposed to inspire students to take further environment-friendly actions in the next steps of their career.


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