Earth Angels in Cannes

For the third time, Green Film Shooting and Cine-Regio hosted a panel discussion on green film production at the Italian Pavilion in the Hotel Le Majestic in Cannes. The event The Sustainability Cinema Revolution kicked of with a keynote by Eco Supervisor Emellie O’Brien whose New York-based company Earth Angel brings down the carbon footprint from Hollywood films such as The Post and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as TV series and independent productions. By going green, a production saves about $ 100,000 in average.

In Europe, film funds such as the Sardegna Film Commisssion Foundation already recognized the impact and cost benefit of green production. As Nevina Satta, CEO, Sardegna Film Commisssion Foundation, points out, the Green Protocol in Sardegna is linked to the point system so that green production also pays off in terms of financial support. It is a win win situation for the environment and the budget of a film.

Meanwhile Screen Brussels has taken first steps to inspire productions in Brussels to work more eco-friendly. The measures include reusable water bottles, waste bags as well as a green guideline that is focusing on areas such as organisation, energy, transport, catering, hosting and communication. The reduction of energy consumption is the biggest issue for the Geman animation studio Fabian & Fred which produced various award-winning films such as Carlotta’s Face that was presented in the 2018 Next Generation Short Tiger program in Cannes.

In  France, there are already several companies that are using the rendering power for animated films to heat offices, building or even a public swimming poool, as Joanna Gallardo, Coordinator of the Ecoprod collectif, explains.

Despite the cost savings and possibilities that may result of a green production, various producers have other priorities that come first. German Producer Claudia Steffen who produced the Un Certain Regard film In My Room by Ulrich Köhler speaks about her concerns. Enrico De Lotto, Head of Production, Torino Piemonte Film Commission, is convinced that at least in Italy producers need incentives so that they go green. " Meanwhile Emellie O’Brien is deploying the sustainable actions for the production on set:  "We become like a tool in their tool belt."

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