Sky kicks off Ocean Rescue Fund

Millions of people are taking action for a better future and the elimination of single use plastics during the weeks around today’s World Oceans Day. In Europe, the broadcaster Sky launched the Ocean Rescue campaign that is going to fight the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans. Therefore, Sky placed the Ocean Ventures Funds that is going to support start ups and innovators to come up with ideas that will help to reduce the plastic waste. The projects can be alternatives for plastic packaging, new home technologies that are supporting recycling as well as alternative fibres for clothes.



“The funds has a budget of 25 million GBP right now and or goal is to extend it together with further partners up to 100 million GBP", says Frederic Michel, Group Director, Sky Ocean Ventures, who is in charge for the Sky Ocean Ventures Fund. "We want to support start ups when they build up a business with our enterprising experience and make a real change by fighting the pollution of our oceans." The support can be financially but Sky will also provide the start-ups with its business know how.


In Great Britain, Sky launched the Innovators in Residence program that gives the start-ups the possibility to test their products at the Sky Campus in London. This is an opportunity to check the practial applicability of the products and to receive a feedback of potential clients. The first company that participates in the Innovators in Residence is Skipping Rocks Lab that developed a product which is replacing plastic packages  by seaweed.


Furthermore, start-ups in Germany will be supported by the fund. The starting gun for the fund was given by Carsten Schmidt, CEO, Sky Germany and Fred Michel at the start-up event "The Royal Jungle".


Photos: © Sky/Lennart Preiss/ Getty Images

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