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The 21st edition of the One World International Documentary Film Festival is presenting a focus on documentaries that deal with subjects such as ecology and climate change. But environment protection and sustainability won’t be an issue on screen only. The challenge how film festivals can become more environmentally friendly is a key topic at the panel discussion Ecological Sustainability at the Film Festivals within the Framework of COVID-19, which is hosted in cooperation with the Slovak Film Commission. The panellists include Eva Križková, Executive Director One World Festival, Zuzana Bieliková, Film Commissioner, Luboš Slovák, Environmental Ombudsman of International festival of documentary films Jihlava, Virginia Turner Taborda, Head of Business, betteries, and Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher, Green Film Shooting.


How carbon emissions can be reduced in a film production will be tested by the winner of the Slovak and Czech Competition Program when shooting his next film. The One World International Documentary Film Festival awards in cooperation with Green Film Shooting the main prize, which includes the complimentary use of the betteries energy system on set of a film production. The betteries system consists of used batteries from electric vehicles, which have been refurbished. They can store 3 kWh to 12 kWh of energy, offer fast charging capability and can flexibly deliver up to 5 kW of electric DC as well as AC power. The betteries are modular in configuration to be stacked horizontally or vertically and can be charged by a variety of energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro as well as from the grid.



By upcycling used batteries in electric vehicles, the betteries get a second life in accordance with the circular economy principles. They are rugged, waterproof and can be used for outdoor shots. Thanks to Wi-fi and GPS betteries systems can be remotely monitored and controlled through an IoT platform. With this multipurpose power system, the Berlin-based company combines deep technology know-how to deliver mobile and affordable power. betteries offers solutions for e-mobility, off-grid productive use and on-grid backup power. The low-emission betteries systems, which weigh less than 35 kg, will be offered to film productions as an alternative to the conventional generator.


Starting November 5, the One World International Documentary Film Festival presents almost 50 films as well as various discussions. The program includes nine documentaries that focus on environmental topics and sustainability such as the satiric film The Czechs Are Excellent Mushroom Pickers, in which Apolena Rychlíková takes the point of view of aliens who are wondering about the increasing ecological distraction on Earth. While Australian filmemaker Damon Gameau points out practical and eco-friendly solutions in his documentary 2040, filmmaker fellow Viera Čákanyová unrolls fragments of thoughts in the Czech/Slovak coproduction Frem.


A multi-award winning film from the US is the documentary The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester. In the docu thriller Sea of Shadows, Richard Ladkani looks at the tampering of a Machiavellian fish mafia, while Jared P. Scott gives an insight in a huge African reforestation program in The Great Green Wall.  Environment and soil are the subjects of Earth by Austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter and When Tomatoes Met Wagner, a surreal story about the cultivation of tomatoes by Greek filmmaker Marianna Econos.


Due to COVID-19, this year the One World International Documentary Film Festival takes place online only.


Photos/Videos: ©betteries, One World Festival, Prokino

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