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Environmentally friendly production practices in the time of COVID-19, challenges and opportunities as well as green storytelling approaches are among the topics that will be discussed at the panel discussion Painting the Future of Filmmaking Green  that is part of the Industry Programme of the Raindance Film Festival. Based in the heart of London, the independent film festival is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent filmmaking in the UK and around the world.  The 28th Raindance edition will kick off on October 28.


“This year’s events have disrupted the ways we live, consume and communicate in unforeseen ways”, states the Raindance team. “For our industry, 2020 has raised crucial questions about how we make, distribute and watch films, and the role that cinema plays in a world in flux.” For the first time, Raindance panel discussions and special events take will take place in a digital format.


In the Industry Forum Live event the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the film industry is an issue in various discussions. The experts at the Painting the Future of Filmmaking Green will discuss if the changes from the physical world to digital space can be an opportunity to rethink a greener future for film production. Among the speakers is Location Manager Monty Till who helps the industry re-think and work in a greener, cleaner way by engaging with new ways of working and sharing responsibility for change. He is the Co-Director of Eco Shoots Ltd  that supplies simple solutions for working more sustainably when filming on location.


Further guest speakers include Aaron Matthews, Head of Industry Sustainability, BAFTA. The discussion is hosted by Birgit Heidsiek, Founder of the European Center for Sustainability in the Media World. Painting the Future of Filmmaking Green will take place on Sunday 1 November at 11:30 AM UK Time.


Graphic: ©Raindance Film Festival

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