Green superheroes

Which superheroes are the most eco-friendly? Was the key question of a rating which was developed by SaveOnEnergy, a platform that develops energy plans for customers in deregulated areas. Superheroes are always saving the world, but not every superhero is necessarily protecting the planet. The winners of the Green Superhero competition are Spider-Man and Aquaman. The criteria included ethos and background and the superhero’s attitudes towards planets and their ecosystems. Further aspects were if the superhero possess a natural ability or power and how much can that harm the planet. Furthermore, his choice of weapons and how it impacts the environment were also considered as his choice of transportation if he wastes energy and fuel or makes greener travel choices.


The Marvel character Spider-Man received the overall score of 127 Eco-Points that makes him the most eco-friendly superhero. Spider-Man only had 20 points deducted for damage made to the environment, leaving him with the highest eco-friendly score of all. Aquaman ranked as the second most eco-friendly superhero, with a grand total of 126 Eco-Points overall. According to the score, Iron Man is the least eco-friendly superhero. He is in good company. Comic icons such as The Hulk, Batman and Captain Marvel  also join the group of the least eco-friendly superheros.


In terms of eco-friendly actions that were taken on set The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the winner. At the production of Eco-Spidey, a total of 755 tons of material — equivalent to the size of 3.5 Statues of Liberty — were diverted from landfills. A further 49 tons of construction and set decoration materials were sold or donated after the production wrapped. The production was supervised by Emellie O’Brien, CEO of New York-based eco consultant company Earth Angel.



Illustration: ©SaveOnEnergy


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