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The 11th edition of the  Deauville Green Awards that takes place on June 15 and 16, 2022 in the French beach resort is going to feature various documentaries, commercials as well as image films on the ecological and social transition from all across the world. Various panel discussions and workshops at he two-day networking will present new tools and trends that cover the complete film production and distribution chain from green storytelling via green production up to eco-friendly film distribution.


The planning and eco-friendly implantation of film productions are a topic at the panel discussion Latest eco-innovations in the film industry, that is moderated  by Green Film Shooting Publisher Birgit Heidsiek. Among the participants of the round table  is Charles Drouin, CEO of Tulipes, a French consulting company for script and project development. An experienced expert for green storytelling is Magali Payen, Founder of On est pret and the French produktions company Newtopia.


Virtually participating from Vienna is Josepha Adras, Sustainability Manager and Production Coordinator at Austrian production house Terra Mater. Studios  At the French broadcaster TF1 sustainable production of films and series has been taken into practice years ago. TF1 is also a founding member of Ecooprod. Christelle Leroy, CSR Director at TF1 will give an insight in the green practices.


Berlin-based start up company betteries developed a solution that allows to produce electric energy on set without the use of air polluting diesel generators. Annika Hoenig is going to explain how the energy storage work, that can provide up to 12kW energy. The biggest impact in terms of energy consumption can be reached when certain shots won’t be filmed because stock footage can be reueused. This service is offered by Léa Morel, Head of Production and General Manager of Frame Dealers.


Energy efficiency is an issue for the French video platform Okast. Cédric Monnier, CEO and Co-founder of Okast, will explain who the carbon footprint of streamingcan be reduced by efficient dara transfer.  The panel discssion Latest eco-innovations in the film industry takes plane on June 15 at 2.30 to 3.30 Uhr and is available online via livestream.


Good intentions to go green in film production are often prevented by greenwashing. A growing number of products and services are promoted as eco-friendly, sustainable or green, although that isn’t true. On June 16 , a  workshop at the Deauville Green Awards is dedicated to greenwashing practices and will provide some advise how greenwashing can be spotted.


Photo: Deauville Green Awards

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