Green events @Euro Cine Expo 2023

The Euro Cine Expo 2023, Europe’s largest gathering for film, television, and broadcast professionals, will open its doors on June 30 at the Motorworld venue in Munich. Due to the huge demand of exhibitors to showcase their new products and latest developments, this time the Euro Cine Expo 2023 will take place in five halls as well as at an outdoor space. “In only its second year, the Euro Cine Expo looks set to be bigger and better than ever, not least because we have seen an unprecedented demand for exhibition space”, says Claire Saunders, Director of the Euro Cine Expo.


The two-day show also provides a broad bandwidth of opportunities for the audio-visual industry. New products and innovations in camera, lighting, grip and all connected sectors can be tested. Furthermore, there are networking events where visitors may meet and mingle as well as various seminars, panel discussions, and workshops. Green Film Shooting is continuing the collaboration with Euro Cine Expo, that started in 2022. This year, there are three events that are focusing on eco-friendly film and broadcast production.


The green events will kick off on June 30 at 11.30 am with the Green Production Standards. In Germany ecological production standards are becoming mandatory for film productions starting on July 1. All the funding systems will start with the same ecological production standards which also apply for the whole industry. Since the broadcasters and streamers committed themselves the ecological standards also need to be taken into account for their commissioned productions.The ecological production standards include 39 requirements, among them 21 requirements which are mandatory.


At the panel, industry members will discuss which impact the Green Production Standards in Germany may have with regards to the availability and accessibility of green production tools, and the next steps that will give green production a bigger boost. The panelists are Achim Rohnke, VTFF (Association of film and broadcast technology companies), Christine Rothe, Head of Production Management at Constantin Film Production, Carsten Schuffert, CEO of post production company Bewegte Bilder Medien , and Michael Hunold, CEO of Gabo Consulting.


In the afternoon the green panel discussions will be continued at 3pm with Green Gensets. The diesel generator is getting competition from mobile aggregates that are powered by electricity from the grid, liquid gas, HVO (hydrated vegetable oil) or hydrogen. Various new developments are even more efficient than using a traditional diesel generator because the unused power will be stored in the battery. When using a diesel generator, a large part of the power fizzles out if only a few smart phones are charged. Meanwhile a hybrid solution with a highly efficient electric power generation system can cut carbon emissions by fifty percent. But, of course, different energy demands on set require varying solutions. The range of hybrid generators includes grid and battery powered systems in different sizes with storage capacities for productions with a small, medium or huge energy demand.


Jens Telchow developed the mobile powerbank Die Wattkiste can supply 5 kW of power and has a 20 kWh storage capacity. Conrad Keuck and David Wüst from kemama will speak about the Filmhybrid 30/60, a system for self-sufficient power supply, that can also integrate any power source from the grid into the power supply. The central element is the 110kWh battery of the electric vehicle, which is used to drive the vehicle and to operate the inverters. The inverters have an output of 60KW distributed over three phases of 20KW each.


Maher Maleh, Co-founder of the Zurich-based company Cinegreen, will talk about the new generation of mobile battery storage units that can be charged on the grid or at a car charging station. All the Cinegreen mobile power storage units, ranging from 2 to 2,200 kWh, have the advantage that an unbalanced load of three-phase output doesn’t occur. Stephan Laistner, Business Development Manager Hydrogen at the German company SFC Energy, will give an insight in he EFOY H2Genset, a mobile generator with hydrogen fuel cells that runs almost noiselessly and doesn’t discharge carbon emissions, NOx, or fine particles into the atmosphere.


Energy Efficiency First will be the green theme on Saturday, Juli 1 at 12.45 pm. Fabio De Sisti, CEO of the Italian company De Sisti Lighting, Anna Piffl, CEO of Munich-based P+S Technik, Jaime Razkin, Brand Manager of the Spanish company Velvet Light , and Dedo Weigert, Founder and CEO of Dedo Weigert Film will present best practice solutions that are ranging from lights to lenses. While efficient lights can limit the energy demand is also crucial to take resource efficiency into consideration.  The discussion will also tackle topics such as the use of resources in the production process as well as the sustainability of lights in terms of durability and repairability.


The entry Euro Cine Expo 2023 is free. Visitors need to register online.



Photo: @ Euro Cine Expo, Jens Telchow, GFS

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